You Won’t Win Against God

So I hear, when I am on the right track, things get rough. Well, it’s not that I enjoy pain but I would be sorry if the battle doesn’t intensify – in fact, I will be insulted if I’m not walking right in the middle of the storm when I am walking on the path that God wanted me to walk.

I’m not scared of you because the victory of this battle is already decided. You will not win this. You know it and that’s why you die trying to undo what Jesus did on that cross. You are going to attack me through my health, my family and my friends and I will never forget what you have done in my family. And God never forgets you for what you did. Everything that is happening to me will not be in vain. My God is so much stronger, so much more able, so much wiser, so much more vengeful than you ever want Him to be. I am not afraid of you not because I know I can fight against you – because you and I both know I don’t have might within me. But, God of this UNIVERSE is behind me. HE lifts me up. HE sent HIS ONLY SON for me and for my sin. HIS ONLY SON intercedes for my behalf. THE HOLY SPIRIT feeds me with TRUTH that your lies can never taint.

You are waging a losing war. And I won’t back down of this GOD GIVEN MISSION. Even if the whole world is against me, I have God on my side. YOU ARE NOT GOING TO TOUCH MY FAMILY. YOU ARE NOT GOING TO MAKE MY FRIENDS STAND AGAINST ME. YOU ARE NOT GOING TO INTERFERE WITH MY MISSION. YOU CANNOT STOP ME.

You and I both know, the one who is really fighting you is not me. It’s my Heavenly Father. I welcome His reproach. I welcome His discipline. I will become stronger. I will become more mature and I will have discernment and wisdom to know that you are messing with me. Don’t mess with me. I’m a precious daughter of the LORD of Lords. I am a bride of JESUS CHRIST my Savior. The Holy Spirit leads my way. You lose.


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