Home is a great place to practice complimenting, comforting, and cleaning up after other people. Home is a great place to practice treating other people as more important than you, of extending yourself and expending yourself to make somebody else’s life better. #devotional
Readinng this made me reflect my own home life. I think for a long time, I felt entitled to be served, at least, at home. I mean, I worked so hard for my kids, served people in need and poured out my love outside right? I deserve a little bit of service at home so I can rest! 

It could have been me still growing up, thinking my parents are invincible, regarding my siblings ‘mean’ when they aren’t there to serve me, but the truth is that the rest of the family is probably feeling the same way. And that’s why a petty thing can escalate to a family crisis – well at least that was true in my family. 

It hasn’t been long that my attitude changed and even though my heart changed, it doesn’t follow up to actions at times. And there are times that I just want to be pampered and I think God knows that need and gave us family. They are there for you no matter what – or rather, a certain degree of ‘covenant relationship’ exists within the family that we tend to extend grace a bit more and longer than we would usually do for others. But I don’t want to test that for too long and start the actions. I pray that God will grant me the energy, patience and even more love in my home to serve my family. 


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