Fixation on Food

Currently I am going through the devotional series on Bible app called Food Is Not The Enemy: Overcoming Food Struggles by Finding True Fullness in Christ.

Occasionally, I had this topic come up in the conversations I had with other Christians. Why is it so easy for us to forget the sin of gluttony? I am so guilty of this sin as well. There is some comfort I get from eating food – and that’s good. God created food to be a nourishment of our body but sometimes I get deceived and abuse this good gift God has given us.

And I constantly battle with the body image, health, and gluttony. I eat with no self-control. I find my problem here. I am full yet if there is something yummy in front of me, I don’t hesitate to reach out to grab another bite of it. I think of food all the time – I genuinely believe that I think about food much more than I think about Jesus. And I say this with grave shame.

People are bound to talk about things that are most important to them. And Jesus is definitely important so I talk about Him a lot. Math is God’s fascinating creation so I talk about that a lot too. And one other thing I love talking about is food. For some reason, I find the first two subjects a bit more difficult to bring up on the table. But food can be a topic that I can bring up almost anywhere – not many people hate eating and there is no great discomfort in the topic.

However, I do want to change this. Food is not entirely free from controversy either – in fact, it is probably more controversial than any math topic I can bring it up in a conversation. There is an issue of GMO and non GMO, there is an issue of selective diets, organic, processed food, allergies… and so on. This thing can get heated up quickly and result an uncomfortable atmosphere. Then, why can’t I talk about Jesus? Food won’t save anyone. Food can’t give anyone an eternal life. Food only brings a fleeting joy. Jesus is lasting. He can save people. He gives anyone who enters through Him an eternal life.

I pray for more courage and wisdom to talk about Jesus much more than food. I also pray that my thoughts would be more Christ-centered than food-centered. I pray that I will break free from the fixation on food.


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