3 Things About Prayers

Prayer makes a huge difference when we begin to realize: 1. It’s not about asking for what we want. It is about asking for what God wants. 

2. It’s not about searching to figure out how I can get what I want. It’s about searching for the will of God – knowing many decisions have no clear Biblical answer; such as “Do I marry this person or not?” “Do I take this job or not?” Do we move to this city or that?” Prayer involves searching for the will of God in areas where the Bible is not clear. 

3. And prayer is about knocking – persistently asking what God wants and then praying for His will to be done, until it’s done! 

When we begin to pray this way, we begin to see incredible results. We see results that we could never even have known to pray for, because God sees the whole picture of our lives. He knows what’s best. 


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